Sustainability at ITC

November 01, 2021

For decades, ITC has embedded sustainability in its business models and social initiatives, recognizing the fact that businesses cannot succeed in societies that fail. From vision and strategy to action, we have made efforts to ensure that growth is inclusive. Always, our aim has been to ensure that we are creating enduring value for all stakeholders at multiple levels - economic, social and environmental, and our business models are built on the foundations of responsible capitalism.

The modern world is facing grave challenges that affect each one of us. The imminent threat of climate change adversely affecting agriculture, and therefore livelihoods and food security. High levels of environmental pollution are destroying life forms, and natural resources central to healthy living, water, air, soil, are rapidly degrading.

ITC for Sustainability

Fortunately, there are ways to reverse the damage. ITC has large-scale programmes in water stewardship, afforestation, waste management and climate smart agriculture that stretch across 22 Indian states, and help empower rural communities. We have also adopted decarbonisation measures, developed sustainable packaging solutions and provide training to women, children and youth so they can participate in economic life now and in the future.

Presenting a 4-minute film that encapsulates the phenomenal, humbling journey of how ITC helps create millions of livelihoods for today and takes measures to protect the planet for future generations. Watch now.

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