ITC: When Dreams Take Flight

In India, a major obstacle that prevents poor children from progressing to a better future is the fact that they cannot get a decent education, starting right from the primary level. School attendance remains low and dropout rates high.

ITC's primary education programme

ITC's primary education programme is founded on modern teaching methods, helps create enabling conditions so that more underprivileged children complete their schooling. There are also interventions to improve learning outcomes and retention so that they have better skills and abilities. Supplementary Learning Centres in villages provide coaching to help weak students keep up in school and drop-outs to return to the school system.

The programme also has the effect of bridging gender and social category gaps in elementary education.

Moreover, the primary education initiative has provisions to build the capabilities of teachers. To create an atmosphere conducive to learning, infrastructural support is lent to government primary schools - desks and chairs, lights and fans, classrooms and other structural improvements, textbooks and notebooks, sports kits, etc. Sanitation infrastructure is another top priority, with separate toilets for boys and girls, drinking water and handwashing stations. This helps develop hygienic habits among children.

For this World Literacy Day, ITC presents a short film about these children - a montage of dreams and pride. A story of mothers' hopes and teachers' aspirations. Of over 8 lakh children and the immense promise they hold, of journeying toward literacy and beyond. Watch now.

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