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ITC wins EFI CII National Award for Excellence in Employee Relations - 2021

January 14, 2022

A CII National Award for ITC

We're happy to announce that ITC's Foods Business won the "Significant Achievement in Employee Relations" (Pan India) by EFI CII National Award for Excellence in Employee Relations - 2021. Mr. P J Anand, Executive Vice President - Human Resources, ITC, received the award at a virtual ceremony.

The Award recognizes our consistently demonstrated commitment to excellence in employee relations, geared to engage, involve and develop our employees - particularly factory personnel - and our specific initiatives for excellence in select areas of employee relations.

Engaging with employees

ITC believes that sustained long-term value is created through organisational vitality, that success comes from connectedness with consumers and customers and committing to execution excellence. To this end, we harness the full potential of ITC's human capital - our most valuable resource - knowing that it will provide the impetus for delivering world-class performance. ITC, therefore, directs its efforts and human capital investments towards sustaining its position as one of India's most valuable and trusted employers, strengthening engagement of the workforce, fostering an exciting, performance-driven culture and remaining future ready.

A note on the award: In 2011, The Employers' Federation of India (EFI) launched the EFI National Awards to felicitate enterprises that see people at the core of its businesses.

EFI CII National Award for Excellence in Employee Relations - 2021
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