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Our Talent Brand

Our talent brand "Building winning businesses. Building business leaders. Creating value for India.", reflects our commitment to nurture world-class talent whilst providing people the opportunity to develop as leaders and make a contribution to a larger purpose. This unique brand proposition backed by its strong corporate equity, has enabled the attraction and retention of high quality talent. This talent pool and its strong alignment with our vision, has contributed to enhancing ITC's standing as one of India’s most valuable corporations.

Our talent engagement approach is focussed on:

  • Attracting and nurturing quality talent supported by significant investments in learning and development; a culture of empowerment, care and concern supported by systems and processes that encourage engagement and involvement.
  • Creating a responsive, stakeholder-centric and market-focused culture that enhances organisational capability and vitality.

Our strategy of organisation is based on the principle of distributed leadership in order to unleash the entrepreneurial energies of our human resources. The strategy of organisation and its on-going emphasis on developing and supporting distributed leadership have ensured that each of our Company’s businesses are managed by a team of competent, passionate and inspiring leaders.