Literacy: stepping stone to education

September 08, 2022

International Literacy Day provides an opportunity to acknowledge that we owe future generations the transformative effects of education, beginning at the stepping stone of literacy.

The ITC Primary Education programme

Aligned to India's Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and the National Education Policy 2020, ITC's Primary Education Programme humbly contributes to provide access to education to the children from weaker sections of the society through multipronged initiatives.

The programme creates collaborative, multi-stakeholder partnerships to help disadvantaged students. Measures focus on universal access, stemming dropout rates, bridging gender and social category gaps in elementary education and improving the quality of learning.

Spread across multiple states across India, the programme runs Supplementary Learning Centres, helping out-of-school children learn and encourage dropouts to return. ITC also trains teachers in modern teaching methods and supplies infrastructure at identified schools, with the aim of creating an attractive and enabling learning environment through 'child friendly' schools. ITC supports 'Child Cabinets', a governmental initiative, to drive cleanliness and hygienic practices in schools.

Moreover, in the wake of the pandemic, ITC started a "catch-up campaign" to enhance learning continuity and bridging learning loss.

The programme has touched the lives of over 864,000 children already. ITC aims to help educate 1.3 million children by 2030.

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