Mind Over Matter 2022: 45 ITC KITES Interns Inducted In Two-Day Programme

June 01, 2022

The enthusiasm was palpable at ITC Windsor, Bengaluru on the morning of May 20, 2022. Over the next two days, 45 vibrant youngsters from select premier technology institutes would receive a one of a kind orientation to ITC's prestigious KITES Summer Internship Programme. The exclusive orientation programme, called 'Mind Over Matter', is a busy, exciting affair every year, but meeting the batch of 2022 felt especially thrilling for us, because this was the first in-person MoM session we organized after two years of virtual inductions.

As some of the nation's most brilliant young minds flocked together at the hotel, eager to brainstorm, debate and learn, the 'Mind Over Matter' programme played the role of a catalyst. The participants engaged in two days of intense, focused groupwork supplemented their existing knowledge and provided them inputs on how it can be applied to real world business situations. The interns made an effective, meaningful transition from campus to a corporate set up, leaving MoM with the valuable skills set that make creative, competent professionals.

'Mind Over Matter 2022' panned out in a series of close interactions between interns and senior ITC leaders, in an environment that is uniquely ITC. The sessions revolved around strong collaboration and full-filled learning experiences. The 45 people who took part left with new knowledge and insights, having learned about ITC's mission, vision, core values and evolution. Senior ITC leaders shared personal anecdotes and success stories, easing interns into the territory of project and time management, stakeholder relations and the art of excellence.

MoM 2022 closed with a happy ending. The interns left behind a host of interesting perspectives and fresh approaches to meeting challenges.

Select photos from 'Mind Over Matter' 2022 below.

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