ITC: Pillars of Competitive Advantage - Smart way of serving the customer

December 09, 2021

As ITC builds a future-ready enterprise of tomorrow, it is swiftly progressing with digital adoption and transitioning to a digital first culture. This has had an impact on every stage of operations, beginning with smart, agile supply chains and culminating in superlative consumer experience.

ITC has always been driven by the core values of excellence and consumer centricity, and digital tools have emerged as a powerful enabler to achieving these. The organization is leveraging the power of cutting-edge digital technologies to usher in 'smart' ways of serving consumers and meeting evolving consumer needs with increasing focus and agility.

Our Kolkata and Bengaluru based marketing command centres, called Sixth Sense, are Artificial Intelligence powered personalized platforms for deep consumer insights and innovation. As a result, ITC is able to design impactful, sharp targeted brand communications that translate to enhanced shopping experiences. Additionally, the direct-to-consumer ITC e-store is designed to bring together all of ITC's FMCG brands in foods, personal care, stationery and more on a single, accessible and platform for shoppers' convenience.

Future-ready Enterprise to Serve the Customer in a Smart Way
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