Livelihoods Today and Tomorrow

December 16, 2021

The task of generating, securing and enhancing livelihoods is at the core of ensuring social equity, especially in developing nations like India. At ITC, we have focused on large scale livelihood creation for more than a quarter of a century, making sure that these income streams become sustainable for rural agrarian communities.


Our method is to deploy a two-horizon approach towards making current livelihood sources more productive and profitable for today, and to create capabilities for tomorrow by equipping young people to seize emerging opportunities. A network of ten social investment initiatives designed by ITC work in concert to achieve this outcome.

ITC's social investment initiatives in afforestation, watershed development, climate smart agriculture, livestock development and women's economic empowerment are designed to make livelihoods sustainable and supplement farm incomes, while building resilience against climate change. Our primary education, vocational training, health and sanitation and solid waste management programmes foster the growth of clean communities and an educated, healthy, future-ready workforce.

Supporting more sustainable livelihoods

ITC supports 6 million sustainable livelihoods already, and under its new Sustainability 2.0 agenda, is working to raise the bar and create 10 million by 2030.

To find out more about ITC's contribution to livelihood creation, watch this video from our archives.

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