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Fiama Di Wills presents ‘Innovation’ through the creative renditions of Payal Jain and Sanchita Ajjampur
18 Feb 2012

'Innovation' is the foundation of all initiatives at Fiama Di Wills. The  esteemed designers Payal Jain and Sanchita Ajjampur reflected the core brand  value of 'innovation' through their creations at the Fiama Di Wills grand show  at the Autumn/Winter 2012 edition of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. ITC's  Fiama Di Wills continuously strives to bring to the consumer, superior products  and experience based on 'innovation'. Innovation is one word that best  describes Fiama Di Wills. Whether it is the new specialized hair care range  from Fiama Di Wills or the recently launched Laboratoire Naturel - a  world-class centre for product development, the continuous endeavour and  commitment to innovate has led to the creation of such products and centres of  excellence. India's finest creative talents, Payal Jain and Sanchita  Ajjampur, presented an exuberant show inspired by Fiama Di Wills' Raison d'être - Innovation.

Sandeep Kaul, Chief Executive,  Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited stated, "Fiama Di Wills is committed to innovation  and takes pride in its long association with India's most premium fashion  platform, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. The endeavor is to present  fashion and style through chic and innovative trend setting shows every season.  This year, our designers Payal Jain and Sanchita Ajjampur, have sought  inspiration from what is core to our beliefs, values and products at Fiama Di  Wills – 'innovation' and will present their interesting creations."

Payal  Jain whose work is synonymous  with classic and timeless contemporary clothing said, "This is my first show  with Fiama Di Wills and it's an honor to be associated with a brand of this  stature that has achieved success purely through its innovative products and  consumer associations in a short span of 4 years. The Fiama Di Wills woman has  a contemporary and innovative edge; she experiments with fashion, beauty, design  and art! My collection is an embodiment of age old textile traditions and  techniques, reinvented in modern global interpretations of monochromatic tones  and sensual, feminine silhouettes. Bold monochromatic strokes and strong  chiaroscuro animal prints splashed on a canvas of delicate fabrics depict the  complete anti-thesis of thought and expression. Innovative fabric treatments  and techniques, hand-crafted textures, unconventional fabrics and unorthodox  embellishments create a mysterious undercurrent which represents the various  facets of today's Fiama Di Wills woman - strength to sensuality, warmth to  confidence, modern to traditional, contemporary to natural!"

Commenting on her inspiration for the  collection said Sanchita Ajjampur, "My approach to innovation is a perfect match  for Fiama Di Wills, both of whom mesh fine materials, craftsmanship and hi-tech  advances to create innovative products that respond to the sartorial and grooming needs of the modern New  Age Fiama Di Wills woman. Through my collection I have focused on  harnessing artistic sensibilities with bottom-up knowledge to craft original  visual and textural languages expressed through fashion in an interpretation of innovation that showcases how the  bond between fashion and art forms can be shaped into contemporary style with a  unique and innovative twist"'

Taufiq Qureshi, renowned percussionist, created an exquisite and exotic  world of rhythm that served as the perfect backdrop for the grand Fiama Di  Wills show.

Collection  Notes – Payal Jain and Sanchita Ajjampur

'Black Ice' by Payal Jain
Black Ice is Payal's interpretation of innovation. The heartlands of the  rugged jungles of Kilimanjaro are home to the wild untamed animal kingdom. The  presence of snow in the African subcontinent is an unfathomable miracle of  nature.....welcome yet unexpected, soul-touching yet surprising, warm yet icy,  stark yet sensual!! The various hues and horizons of nature never cease to  amaze, titillate and excite the in all her glory can truly  be seen only in Mother Nature.

This collection explores the regal and savage beauty of the creatures  who wander unexplored forest terrain. Their persona is raw, natural, vibrant  and unparalleled to anything on the planet. The mood is intense, dramatic,  pulsating and simply breath taking....both visually and audibly! The audible  silence of the darkness with the intensity of the wildlife which inhabits these  forests sets the mood for this collection, Autumn Winter 2012. Inky black  darkness of the deep dense forest coupled with the murmurs of the wild  creatures that roam it, convey more than any symphony of colors, music, beat or  rhythm can ever do! The cosmic sounds of forest reach the depths of the soul  with infinitely beautiful hues of darkness. The vast spectrum of sounds, hues,  textures, graphic motifs, fabrics and treatments are all representative of the  vivid contrasts that exist in nature. Vivid, vibrant  and enchanting  infusion of scarlet red, tangerine orange, sunflower yellow and pristine ivory  introduce the unexpected element of fun to the dark carbon black silhouettes.  The fabrics flow freely and are exaggerated volumes with elaborate layering and  draping. Small bundles of iridescent sequins sparkle in the midnight hues and  varied textures.

Sanchita Ajjampur 
Sanchita interprets the theme innovation by deepening the bond forged by  fashion and art in a mix of avant-garde forms and modular pieces with a bold  cut and feel, where utilitarian details and hi-tech arts and crafts create  eye-catching counterpoints. In a dimensional play of cuts, layers, textural  expressions, kinetic elements and fluid visual patterns, the collection  translates Japanese influences, Samurai aesthetics and Kabuki motifs into a  contemporary idiom, while alchemies and innovative approaches create a  continuum of coordinated opposites. The focus is on body shape, motion and  functional ease. The clothing is scripted into a subversive fashion commentary  that pays tribute to the femininity and grace, vulnerability and valour, dreams  and desires of the modern woman, giving the collection a unique urban vibe.

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