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Fiama Di Wills with Wendell Rodricks launches the Couture Spa Range
08 Dec 2012

Introduces India's First Gel Bar with 'Gold' in the signature series

Innovation is at the foundation of all initiatives at Fiama Di Wills. Be it creation of innovative products or engaging brand experiences, ITC's leading personal care brand continuously strives to create hallmarks of consumer delight. Fiama Di Wills takes forward this belief to provide consumers with yet another invigorating and innovative experience. With its exciting first time ever couture spa range, Fiama Di Wills invites consumers to discover fashion bathing!

The signature series introduces India's first ever Gel Bar with Gold. Fiama Di Wills and fashion guru Wendell Rodricks come together to give the consumers an exciting and intriguing bathing experience. In line with the brand proposition of 'Feel Young', the series of three exciting Couture Spa Range Gel Bars are infused with real gold known for its youthful skincare properties. Gold is the key to eternal youth that has been used for centuries for its anti - oxidant benefits.

Exciting, exotic and nourishing ingredients form the core of the Couture Spa Range. The series offers a skin rejuvenation experience with stimulating variants like Patchouli and Macadamia for soft and supple skin, Kiwi fruit and Green tea for anti - oxidants and UV protection that's repairs the skin, and Brazilian Orange and Ginseng to promote ultimate skin cell regeneration and blood circulation. This innovative Couture Spa Range of Gel Bars is a sizzling mix of exciting ingredients and real gold which is a first in India.

Fiama Di Wills brand ambassador Deepika Padukone and Wendell Rodricks unveiled the new range at an exclusive fashion showcase at Hypercity, Malad. This signature collection has been designed by India's Guru of Minimalism who pioneered resort wear and eco-friendly fashion - Wendell Rodricks. Wendell Rodricks' cutting edge fashion sensibilities combined with Fiama Di Wills' innovation brought about the launch of Fiama Di Wills' Signature series of Gel Bars, the Couture Spa Range.

Nilanjan Mukherjee, Head of Marketing, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited stated, "We are proud to have collaborated with Wendell Rodricks, a stalwart in the fashion industry, to create an exciting and fashionable series of Gel Bars. The series celebrates the intrinsic bond between fashion and beauty. In line with our commitment to innovation, we are happy to present India's first Gel Bar series with real Gold for a youthful you!"

Fiama Di Wills, Brand Ambassador Deepika Padukone commented on the launch: "I am extremely proud to be associated with Fiama Di Wills; which is an India success story in the beauty and personal care space. Wendell Rodricks along with Fiama Di Wills have collaborated for an interesting bath care range and I strongly believe that the Couture Spa Range with gold will give every aspiring individual a luxurious and a new fashion bathing experience."

A delighted Wendell Rodricks commented on the launch, "It is my pleasure to associate with a premium brand like Fiama Di Wills and be a part of this extremely exciting product. The inspiration for this first ever Signature Couture Spa Range is definitely the exotic ingredients and gold through which we collectively want to introduce the concept of 'Fashion Bathing' - Experience Fashionable Bathing Everyday."

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