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Time to get agile in a Cloud-based Office
18 Feb 2014

Offering a range of benefits, Office  365, Microsoft’s Cloud-based business software is proving to be a powerful tool  for SMEs seeking a more agile approach.

Today there are many appropriate  reasons to contemplate a shift to the Cloud, but for SMEs focussing  on maximising resource efficiency and  minimising costs, the shift from a capex (capital expenditure) to opex  (operational expenditure) model is the most compelling thrust. However, cost is  just one of the numerous benefits of moving away from traditional on-premise  enterprise applications to a software-as-a-service approach. Enterprises also  want to tackle the dependency on constant refreshes and upgrades in the  traditional infrastructure, while at the same time look for a very secure and  risk-free transition to cloud services.

Microsoft Office is still the default  business software for most SMEs. With the advent of Office 365, Microsoft has  released a subscription-based suite of software offering Office’s familiar  interface, tools and functionality through a scalable Cloud-based on-demand  package. Instead of buying and owning the software on a disc, users can  subscribe to a service that offers Office functionality in addition to cloud  storage and shared calendars, as well as the communications potential of Lync  and an outsourced mail environment.

Office 365 offers all the functionality  of the latest desktop version with web-based convenience, supporting multiple  devices including desk tops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, which is crucial  in an increasingly mobile bring-your-own-device (BYOD) world. What makes the  case even more compelling is the fact that one would never have to re-install  or upgrade the software as payment modes are on a per-seat or per-month basis.

IT services expert ITC Infotech’s Sr  Vice President and Head – Infrastructure Services Prasad Natu highlights the  advantages that any SME choosing Office 365 can leverage. “Compared to the  stand-alone versions of Office the key benefits of a cloud-based approach are  portability and device independence. For example, you could start a document  using the Office 365 app on a smartphone and complete it on your tablet, later  you could edit the document on a Windows 7 computer running a completely different  version of Office. In today’s high pressure business environment the increased  flexibility and agility offered by cloud solutions like Office 365 and the  savings made with an outsourced mail solution can give SMEs a real competitive  edge.”

Working with Office 365 from the Cloud  is a lot easier than many might expect. Work files and mail are accessible  using any browser-equipped device in any location with access to the web.  Although the term Cloud has been around for a few years now, the widespread use  of Cloud services is still in its infancy and many are wary of potential  security risks.
  “The main concern, when considering a  Cloud solution, is security. With Office 365, files are saved in specialised  data centres to address the issue of security. SMEs can expect a better level  of security with Office 365 than they could be expected to provide themselves,”  says Prasad Natu.

ITC Infotech has already worked with  numerous blue chip companies globally to move their IT solutions to newer  operating systems and environments. The company’s offering is bolstered by  strategic partnerships with key players in the industry to create streamlined  and focussed solutions that can offer substantial savings over their  competitors.

ITC Infotech offers full migration support  to organisations planning a move to Office365. With our solution accelerators  and tool kits we offer end to end services from assessment and planning to  migration and managed services.

“Office 365 is a differentiated and  superior product that offers a range of business benefits  to companies at every level. At ITC Infotech we have the expertise and  experience to make sure that any migration to a Cloud-based environment  continues to deliver the value and flexibility that companies need to gain a  real competitive edge,” concludes Prasad Natu.

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