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A global collaborative work environment for 'Generation S'
26 Feb 2014

Microsoft SharePoint allows  organisations to harness their knowledge and experience as a strategic asset  while sharing this best practise in a social media model of internal  communication.

In  this era of globalisation, organisations around the world are operating round  the clock, around the world in a networked business environment. The need of  the hour for these organisations therefore, is to adopt systems that offer  functionality above and beyond traditional company intranet portals. In this  context it becomes not only prudent but also imperative to merge the  collaborative usability of social media with solutions that are designed to  provide the functionality that organisations need to operate efficiently in the  current ultra-competitive environment.

Microsoft’s  collaboration platform SharePoint, offers a solution for companies that face  this challenge. And as the growth of social media has forever changed the  manner in which people share and consume information, the lines between a  traditional knowledge sharing portal, social media platform and company  intranet are fast blurring.

Traditional  intranet and knowledge-sharing portals that are unidirectional can are no  longer enough to engage employees. What would once have sufficed as a message  board and memo circulation system does not address the demand for an engaging  company portal that embodies a culture of connectedness and provides  opportunities to collaborate in real time.

Human  Resources (HR) professionals are also increasingly under greater pressure to  harness organisational knowledge, learning, experience and information. These  strategic organisational assets often reside in silos, with limited visibility  and access from the rest of the company. A people-centric and collaboration  oriented portal goes a long way in creating a vibrant work environment.

With  collaboration software such as Microsoft SharePoint working in tandem with ITC  Infotech’s custom-built accelerators and frameworks, enterprise collaboration  can be rolled out in a much quicker manner to unify different regions, lines of  business and departments.

Vice  President – Microsoft Technologies at ITC Infotech,  Mahesh Prabhu, highlights how well-defined workflows and smart integration can  help companies create a truly collaborative online portal. “The success of a  corporate intranet portal depends on the active participation of employees,  both as a consumers & creators of content. Our custom developed Enterprise  Social Framework and Social plugin components help in engaging the users, and  gives them the power to voice their opinions, thoughts and ideas. The framework  enables integration of employee data residing in HR systems with the SharePoint  portal, opening up a plethora of possibilities. In most global organisations,  it is often difficult to put a face to a name, find details of colleagues in  different locations and figure out the right people to address queries. Through  this integration, the SharePoint portal becomes the de-facto comprehensive  repository of employee data.”

ITC  Infotech has in fact transformed its own intranet portal using Microsoft  SharePoint technology, and its deep integration and technology expertise. The  new portal has created a truly collaborative environment for the company’s  6,500 plus workforce spread across the globe. With pre-defined workflows,  seamless integration with backend systems and devices and notifications, ITC  Infotech’s Enterprise Social Accelerator today provides a dynamic workplace for  its entire organisation.

Mahesh  Prabhu concludes, “At ITC Infotech, we have developed and deployed our intranet  portal on SharePoint. Our new portal now supports a wide array of feeds,  notifications, and social components. Employees can also view trending topics,  post questions and quickly resolve issues and view details of colleagues in a  dynamically generated organisation chart. An intranet portal, knowledge management  system, business process workflows, records and information repositories, as  well as intuitive dashboards have all been brought together on one platform  with an underlying theme of enterprise-level social network bundled with a rich  user experience. It is this experience that makes the cut for employees,  especially for ‘Generation-s’ the social generation.”

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