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J J Valaya presents ‘Kingdom of love’ at the Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale
22 Mar 2009

The Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale, held today in the capital left the spectators cheering and in a standing ovation by presenting an inspiring story of transformation from gloom to glory on the ramp with JJ Valaya’s ‘Kingdom of Love’. The theme expressed the journey with exquisite pieces crafted to perfection by the acclaimed designer complete with a dramatic rendition, meticulous presentation and delightfully attentive detailing that have always been a signature of the Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale.

Firmly entrenched in his throne, JJ Valaya dons the mantle of the kingdom’s maverick maharaja and claims that "He was thinking about how fickle mortals today are, how easily they collapse under pressure and how decreased they are in their capacity to fight back for what is rightfully theirs".

The signature Valaya tailored jackets, sensual jodhpurs and crisp tops worn with detailed skirts crafted out of the finest of fabrics with stunning prints and ornamentation made for a collection of womenswear and menswear that celebrates optimism and energy. If one had to brainstorm the quintessential formula for Valaya- “the nomadic rockstar royal”, then, on the pragmatic side, this richly layered collection will separate out into dozens of delicious separates and on the other, there is a whole series of exceptional masterpieces.

The Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale Autumn/Winter 2009 collection unfolded through a brilliantly scripted and masterfully presented three Act drama. An enchanting collection all in black sashayed the ramp in Act I as the Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale unveiled amidst a setting that cued gloom, despair and imminent destruction. Act II saw those splashes of colours and lighter tones as, riding on optimism and will, the veil of darkness lifted to see some light and hope. Act III followed and all was gold, glitter, glamour and celebration. The clothes gleamed in opulence, the set was magically transformed into a rich, bright stage befitting the royals and the erstwhile softer music climaxed to an exhilarating festive high. A 3D projection throughout the show created an ethereal effect that enthralled the audiences. It was a truly splendid sight and the applause went on for indeed long!

Commenting on the grand finale, Atul Chand, Divisional Chief Executive - ITC’s Lifestyle Retailing Business Divison, said, “Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale has always set new benchmarks in creativity and has been a great mix of fashion and entertainment. JJ Valaya is India’s undisputable czar of couture and each ensemble today on the ramp was dazzling with his creative genius. The result has been sheer magnificence.”

He added, “Our partnership with Valaya extends beyond the ramp. Today’s grand finale collection will further enrich the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week line, Wills Signature, and Valaya’s collection will be retailed at our stores across the country”.

Speaking on the occasion, JJ Valaya said, “With this collection I would like to put across the sentiment that I personally believe in…that life is all about positivity and progression. Having said that I have always believed that words can never quite replace the feeling of watching a brilliant execution of an inspiration unfurl before ones very eyes”

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