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ITC lights up rural women thru Mangaldeep
The New Indian Express - 20 Apr 2011

Incense sticks biz creates livelihoods for rural marginal women

ITC’s ‘Mangaldeep Puja’ incense sticks, which recently launched a new variants ‘Fragrance of Temple’ for markets in Tamil Nadu, has received widespread consumer acceptance.

Mangaldeep, one of the country’s fastest growing brands in its category with a growth of 55 per cent over the last year, is also the official supplier of agarbattis to Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD). In addition, Mangaldeep incense sticks are sourced from small scale/cottage vendors from across the country, six of whom have received the ISO 9001 – 2000 certification – a first for any incense brand in India.

But even more significantly, the business provides livelihood opportunities to over 10,000 under-privileged women through self help groups, small-scale entrepreneurs and NGOs across the nation.

Today Mangaldeep has signed agreements with the governments of Orissa, Tripura and Assa, Given its potential to create sustainable livelihood for rural India.

By empowering rural marginal women to earn an independent income, equipping them with the skills to manage a co-operative business enterprise, the initiative of agarbatti rolling ultimately helps to expand their economic contribution and stake in household decision-making, allowing them to strengthen their voice within their families and communities.

Innovative business models like ITC’s Mangaldeep agarbattis that synergize competitiveness with societal value creation are particularly relevant in backward rural communities where, in view of the inordinate dependence on agriculture, falling agricultural incomes and productivity, the creation of sustainable off-farm livelihoods and income generating options is of critical urgency.

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