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PVR Nest and Classmate host the 3rd edition of CineArt "Design for Change" Film Leadership Project
Outlook Business - 19 Sep 2011

PVR Nest and ITC's premier stationery brand, Classmate, join the world's largest movement of change by giving an interesting filming extension to the "Design for Change" program '2011. Over six years, PVR Nest has pioneered the unusual and creative medium of cinema and art to educate and sensitize more than one lac children from diverse backgrounds on sustainability issues, while developing their skills & capabilities in visual and performing arts.

Through a partnership with ITC's premier stationery brand Classmate as the principal program partner, we have brought together shortlisted children from diverse backgrounds that will be trained to make their own films with eminent directors of the likes of Anupama Srinivasan, Hussain Akbar, Wency Mendes, Iram Ghufran, and, Gurmeet Sapal, to name a few.

The process kick started today with a Leadership Power Session conducted by distinguished Bollywood director Vishal Bhardwaj for children from with the shortlisted 20 schools. The session saw him interact with children for over an hour about the art film making and storytelling and it included screening excerpts from his film 'Makdee' while also re-creating some of the scenes from the movie.

This program will culminate on 23rd November, 2011 at one of the PVR's in Delhi where the films made during this program by children will be given a red carpet premiere in the presence of more than 500 eminent people from diverse sectors.

On the occasion, Mrs. Selena Bijli, Trustee of PVR Nest said, "PVR Nest over the years has developed expertise to provide a platform and opportunity to the young adolescents to showcase their vision and give a creative expression through the medium of cinema and we are happy to align the third edition of our program CineArt with "Design for Change" and its extensive network and host the Film Leadership Project in Delhi. This year's participating children will also get an opportunity to learn from the best like Vishal Bhardwaj who have mastered the trade of expression through cinema.

Mr. Chand Das, Chief Executive of ITC's Education & Stationery Products Business (ESPB) added, "We are pleased to partner PVR Nest in the 3rd edition of CineArt's "Design for Change" program. Classmate endeavours to encourage young minds to think of ideas that could potentially seed a fresh and a better tomorrow. Ideas, that must be encouraged & pursued, so that they come alive to impact a larger good for individuals and the extended communities that we live in. Through film-making, this program offers a wonderful platform that would help in the imaginative expression of their ideas. Films have the potential of showcasing ideas to much larger audiences - ideas that help explore and solve crucial everyday concerns."

Mrs. Kiran Bir Sethi, Founder/Director of the Riverside School and the conceptualizer of the "Design for Change" School Challenge said Design for Change School Challenge'2011 is happy to associate with PVR Nest's third edition of CineArt for providing an interesting filming extension to the program. Through this partnership, children from diverse backgrounds who have thought of their own brilliant ideas for a better world will give a creative expression through the exciting medium of Cinema and films.

Annapurna Vancheswaran, Director, Sustainable Development Outreach Division, TERI said "Interacting with children and creating films and television shows for them is something that we love to do. Since CineArt creates an opportunity for children from diverse sections, we saw great potential in this collaboration of the Film and TV Unit of TERI and PVR Nest. We have been making films on environment which have actually become agents of change... and we know that feeling when you see your film travelling and being shown on the big screen. We feel really happy that this project will be able to create something similar for children and their stories of change."

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