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On National Recycling Day, a call to students
The Hindu - 02 Jul 2012

Students from various schools in the city presented cultural programmes on the 2nd anniversary of National Recycling Day.

About 10,000 school children attended the second anniversary celebrations of National Recycling Day held on Sunday, organised by the ITC, with the aim of raising awareness about the significance of reducing, reusing and recycling to preserve limited resources.

Children from various schools in the city gave performances in an effort to encourage others to recycle and conserve the environment. The programme, termed ‘WOW’ or wealth out of waste, involves taking up recycling of paper, plastics and metal.

Many of the students were quite aware of the issue. Aashna and Harini, class VI students of Little Flower Convent were of the opinion that though recycling was important, it was also crucial to plant more trees for a cleaner and greener earth. C. Nivedha, a student with visual impairment, deemed it necessary to spread awareness of recycling wastes.

“We can make things like jute handbags and pen stands with the waste we get,” she said.

Parents pitch in

In addition to the participating students, parents too joined the chorus to highlight the need to recyclewaste products.

T. K. Hema, a working mother, felt quite encouraged by the theme of the programme. “This generation is the future of India and has the awareness about recycling. It is through them and these kinds of functions that we get to know more,” she said adding that she felt that similar awareness programmes should be set up in all schools.

The Hindu was a media partner of the event organised by ITC.

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