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Chennai's newest hotel gets green badge of honour
Mail Today - 13 Sep 2012

Go GREEN is the login ID of contemporary hoteliering and responsible luxury is the password. Keeping this in mind, ITC Hotels has secured the prestigious LEED Platinum rating from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) for its newest hotel, the Grand Chola straddling across 6 acres of arterial Mount Road of Chennai. The rating is given to those with high standards in energy, water and waste efficiency.

The 600 room luxury hotel has the distinction of being the World’s Largest LEED Platinum rated hotel in the new construction category. All the electrical energy demands of the hotel will be met through renewable sources. Efficient fixtures will reduce the buildings water use by 35% and the hotel’s waste will be recycled. With this achievement the ITC Grand Chola joins ITC’s other nine luxury hotels that have also secured LEED Platinum Ratings.

"At the heart of responsible luxury is product design in the form of green buildings that are energy efficient, utilise renewable energy, conserve and recycle water while taking steps to preserve the eco-system around them," says a media release issued by the chain.

With a built-up area 1.5 million square feet, the architecture of ITC Grand Chola has been inspired by the historical era when Tamil Nadu’s power and fame extended across the Indian Ocean. The hotel, according to the media release intends to be an “employment multiplier creating sustainable livelihoods through both direct and indirect employment.” Chennai not only has a new hotel but also an address that promises to become one of the city’s architectural landmarks.

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