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ITC takes top honours in Nielsen CSR survey
The Financial Express - 30 Mar 2013

ITC has been ranked number one for the second consecutive  year in the CSR category in the recently published Nielsen Corporate Image  Monitor 2012-13. The rating – most active in CSR – is an acknowledgement of the  scale and impact of its sustainability initiatives that have created  large-scale livelihoods and augment natural resources. ITC’s business and value  chains have created sustainable livelihoods for 5 million people, many of whom  belong to the poorest sections of the society, an ITC release said.

The company’s performance on augmenting scarce natural  resources and combating climate change has been globally recognised. ITC is the  only company in the world to be carbon-positive for seven years in a row, water  positive for 10 years consecutive and solid waste recycling positive for 5  years now.  Renewable energy makes  nearly 40% of its total energy consumption, according to a company release.

As part of its 360 degree interventions in rural  agricultural communities, ITC has constantly endeavoured to strengthen and  broad-base livelihood options through farm and off-farm activities. ITC’s  e-Choupal, the world’s largest rural digital infrastructure, has empowered over  4 million farmers. ITC’s integrated watershed development programme has provided  soil and moisture conservation to farmers in water-stressed areas and helped  promote sustainable agriculture, apart from contributing to ITC’s water  positive status. This programme has so far covered over 1, 00,000 hectare of  water-stressed areas in rural India.

ITC’s social and farm forestry programme, which helps rural  wasteland owners convert their land into pulpwood plantations, has planted  trees over 1,40, 000 hectare, creating livelihood opportunities for poor  tribals and farmers.