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ITC's Aashirvaad becomes Rs 4,000 cr brand, forays into new segments
The Hindu Business Line - 06 Mar 2018

FMCG major ITC today said its Aashirvaad atta has become a Rs 4,000-crore brand  in the wheat flour market, with around 28 per cent share in the branded  segment.

The company as  part of its expansion plans is also expanding brand Aashirvaad into new  segments as milk and ghee in the dairy category, besides spices, instant mixes,  ready meals etc.

"Aashirvaad is India's number  one branded packaged atta with a consumer spend of over Rs 4,200 crore," ITC  Divisional Chief Executive Foods Division Hemant Malik told PTI.

He further said:  "The brand has been growing at the rate of 16-17 per cent CAGR over the last  many years and we hope to continue this growth momentum."

Market share

In India,  branded wheat flour market is growing rapidly; and presently, around 60 per  cent of households purchase wheat, 25 per cent buy loose wheat flour and  balance 15 per cent buys packaged wheat flour, Malik said.

"We are having  28 per cent share of that (packaged wheat flour)," he claimed.

The company, he  said, is now offering customised atta blends in wheat flour category in  accordance with regional preferences; and in health segment, it has sugar  release control atta, and multi grains etc.

"We have  customised blends for different regions. We have also crafted variants in the  health and wellness space which includes Aashirvaad Multigrain atta and  Aashirvaad Sugar Release control atta," he said.

Aashirwad brand expansion

The company has  extended Aashirwad brand into cow ghee and also launched Aashirwad milk last  month in Munger at Bihar.

"Now the brand  Aashirvaad has spices and salt. All the basic staple food, we believe that  Aashirvaad brand has a great efficiency," Malik said adding that the company is  leveraging its network of e-Chaupal and chaupal sagar to source quality  products from the farmers.

The company is  also evaluating some other segments like maida, suji, besan for expansion of  Aashirwad brand.

"In the coming  years, we could look at products as maida, suji, besan etc," said Malik.

Besides, ITC  also exports Aashirwad atta to 32 countries, including US, Canada and Middle  East, targeting the Indian diaspora. The export is presently about 7 per cent  of total sales.

Fake videos on social media

Over the recent  videos being circulated in social media platforms such as Whatsapp and Facebook  alleging the company mixes plastic in Aashirvaad atta, ITC said those are  "malicious" and are "wrongly" claimed.

"What is being  shown as plastic in these mischievous videos is actually wheat protein which is  a mandated component of atta by the FSSAI. Protein is an integral part of any  atta/wheat. This protein is what binds the atta. Without this protein, it is  not possible to roll chapatis," Malik said.

The company had  filed police complaints in Kolkata and Hyderabad.

"There is a  court order issued in ITC's favour which restrains the circulation of such fake  videos on social media," he added.