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Brand Equity Hot Young Marketers: ITC's Ananya Ukil
The Economic Times - 24 Oct 2018

Excerpts from report by Amit  Bapna, Delshad Irani, & Priyanka Nair

Despite the many challenges,  this is perhaps the most exciting time to be a marketer. Even if you haven't  quite still understood how to use AR to sell everything from soap to sugar.

The field of marketing and  advertising is evolving quickly with customer engagements becoming more varied  and complex. New technologies and platforms are changing how companies and brands  interact with their customers, and sometimes each other. Companies now have  more consumer data than they know what to do with. Today experimentation is not  only accepted but expected. But while technological disruptions like the  Internet of Things might change, well, things; what never changes is the  Marketing of Things, where the fundamentals of brand-building still apply. Sure  this field has never been more open to disruption. However, these forces of  change are not driven by new platforms and tools, but by the women and men  wielding them. Young people are at the heart of innovation in the industry and  they are the ones altering how we experience brands everywhere from social  timelines to on-ground frontlines. This edition is a celebration of that talent.

The 2018 edition of Brand  Equity's Hot Young Marketers features the most promising and exciting marketing  talent in the country. We've taken into consideration women and men under the  age of 35 years, at a brand manager/senior brand manager level, with responsibility  for a category, brand or innovation-led practice within their organization.  They are the innovators, solution hackers and growth drivers who've managed to  crack the triple E - exciting, engaging and effective marketing. In addition to  the criteria mentioned above, Brand Equity looked at a series of parameters to  arrive at a shortlist of people. These include our proprietary surveys of  trusted brands, and we also looked at the buzziest categories for our  selection.

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