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ITC Grand Central aims for zero waste generation - 10 Jan 2008

Installs organic waste converter to help the environment

In its endeavour to minimise waste generation, ITC Grand Central, Mumbai has announced the operation of the odour-free organic waste converter (OWC) Model No 130, at full capacity. Food waste comprising of vegetable waste, bone waste and other organic waste, will be completely processed through the OWC. It is converted into manure, which is being used by the hotel for horticulture.

Being the first of its kind in ITC Hotels, Luxury Collection, the OWC will help the hotel to achieve ‘zero waste generation’ status. “The initiative will help to ensure an eco-friendly environment with zero wet waste going out of the hotel. Also, the converted manure is being used by plants on the two km stretch of BMC road, outside ITC Grand Central,” says Anil Malik, General Manager, ITC Grand Central, Mumbai.

The OWC is capable of recycling 600 kg of organic waste everyday. A bone shredder which converts all bone waste into usable manure is installed with the OWC. The whole process takes around ten days till the final manure is ready.

With the induction of the OWC, the problem of foul smell is resolved, thereby creating hygienic conditions in the garbage disposal area. The converter helps to cut down on various costs. It gives full value of dry recyclable waste and reduces transportation cost (wet waste). There is reduction in the usage of plastic and garbage bags. Electricity consumption by the cold AC room is also cut down.

The hotel plans to do away with the wet waste room and hence, the resultant spillage and odour. Organic compost waste is converted into 400 kg compost manure daily.