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Jam 'n' spice: the new niche - 05 Dec 2004


Jams are sweet and pickles are spicy, right? How about mixing the fruit with spice? That's what ITC Foods' 'Kitchens of India' is set to roll out shortly: spiced jams, developed jointly with Karen Anand.

This is ITC Foods Division's first foray into a segment which really does not exist, since products like this are an innovation. The market being targeted is the high end niche, which the Kitchens of India range addresses.

"We find people buying imported jams at very high prices, as much as Rs 110-120 a jar. Our products will price the product very competitively and we expect them to enjoy the experience," officials at ITC Foods Division said.

Although the name for the spiced jam products is ready, officials declined to comment. The products, three initially with more under development, will be launched to cater to the forthcoming festive season, Christmas and New Year.

ITC officials admitted that such products do not exist barring the famous Gujarati 'chhunda', which is a combination of fruit with spice.

"In our experience there are combinations which work, the 'chhunda' kind of products, which is not sweet since it has spices. We want to take that idea ahead with a fruit and spice combination which match," they said.

The initial launch will consist of three products with more lined up. Among those set for launch are green apple and cinnamon. Officials in ITC Foods said they have developed the recipes with Karen Anand and these are being manufactured at her Pune plant where space capacity exists.