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ITC Unveils New Expressions Range
The Financial Express - 24 Dec 2003

ITC Ltd, in an attempt to leverage its greeting cards business, has introduced a range of 784 new designs of "Expressions" greeting cards on Christmas and the New Year.

According to Chand Das, chief executive officer- greeting cards business, ITC, for the greeting cards industry, the Christmas to New Year fortnight is the most important season with almost 20 per cent of sales for the entire year coming in during the period.

"We have planned for the big occasion with the launch of a new Expressions range that will excite consumers with 784 new and innovative designs available at price points as low as Rs three per card to Rs 175 for specially fabricated limited edition cards," Mr. Das said.

He also claimed that "Expressions" range seeks to communicate the freshness and vividness of life during the season and help consumers reach out to old friends and make new ones in a manner that is unique and personalised.

According to Mr. Das, "Expressions" cards are available with special value additions, which would help the recipient treasure them for a long time. "These include special fabricated cards, which open out into three-dimensional shapes and would sit pretty on the mantlepiece and cards with bookmarks, yearly planners and calendars in them," Mr. Das said.

It is learnt that "Expressions" range of cards for new year comprise more than 400 designs in English, over 100 designs in Hindi and 80 designs in Marathi. While the price range of the English design cards range between Rs three and Rs 175, those in Hindi and Marathi designs range between Rs seven and Rs 50.

Mr. Das claimed that the "Expressions" Christmas range comprises over 180 designs in English, with 36 of these are aimed at closed relations alone.

The price range varies between Rs three and Rs 65. "The range uses all the right cues of Christmas," Mr. Das said. The Christmas range is available through 12,000 retail outlets spread over 700 cities.