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Sustainable Packaging - Solutions for the future


ITC is developing sustainable packaging solutions by leveraging its R&D capabilities, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability. The Company's Paperboards and Packaging Businesses are leading the endeavour to create sustainable packaging solutions. Crafted with raw materials that come from renewable, natural sources, such as wood and bamboo fibres, these offerings can potentially replace single-use plastics in diverse industries.


Recyclable, biodegradable and polyethylene-coated barrier boards by ITC's Paperboards Business are already in use in the food & beverages and takeaway segments and in indoor advertising. The Filo series of 100% recyclable boards, designed for the growing food service & delivery market, are made from wood fibres from renewable plantations. 'FiloPack', 'FiloServe', 'FiloBev' and 'FiloTub' combine strength, water, oil & grease resistance and a smooth surface for printing.

The Omega series of biodegradable paperboards - 'OmegaBev', 'OmegaBarr' and 'OmegaBowl' - is also made from 100% virgin fibers and comes with a bio-based barrier coating. Omega products cater to the requirements of takeaway packaging, are resistant to oil & grease and can seal heat in, and can be shaped into bowls, cups and deep-freeze packaging containers.

'IndoBowl' is another substitute for single-use plastic containers used for food serving and delivery, and is a solution that enables a significant reduction in plastic use. 'WrapWell' - an easily-recyclable food grade paper has emerged as an alternative to traditionally-used aluminium foil.

Sign-up Green is a visually-appealing sustainable alternative to plastic-based indoor advertising. The eco-friendly TribeKraft is yet another 100% recyclable alternative to single-use plastic packaging, created to replace the plastic pouches used in e-commerce deliveries.


ITC's Packaging Business is leveraging its flagship 'Innovpack' campaign to focus on end-use segments with potential to adopt sustainable packaging and plastic substitution solutions - food & beverage, personal care, home care, footwear, consumer electronics, and more. Innovative coating technologies by the Business are helping its client body meet their environmental goals. The Business is also developing unique structures that help reduce the environmental impact of traditional packaging.

The patented 'Bioseal' is an environment-friendly coating that provides excellent oil and grease resistance and heat sealability, a good substitute for multilayer plastics used in QSR tubs and lids, tea envelopes, sugar sachets, flow wraps for soaps etc. 'Oxyblock' is another coating solution that enhances barrier properties in packaging and eliminates the need for a metallized barrier layer, making packaging easy to recycle.

An innovative anti-microbial coating used on clamshells and boxes for snacks, fries and donuts is ensuring safe, hygienic end-user experiences.

The road ahead

ITC continues to ramp up its sustainable products portfolio and is stepping up investments in this fast-evolving space with great growth potential. The endeavour will be supported by the R&D capabilities of ITC's Life Sciences & Technology Centre, and through external collaborations with global specialists. A state-of-the-art moulded fibre products manufacturing facility in Badiyakhedi, Madhya Pradesh has been commissioned.

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